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TellGameStop Survey- As everyone visited to the TellGameStop to the electronic items many times but no one notice that the TellGameStop is giving an opportunity to their customer to Win $100 Gift Card when they take a part in the tell gamestop customer survey at www.TellGameStop.com. TellGameStop is a US based electronic company which deals in the electronic items and it provides a huge variety of electronic items to the Customers.

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By using the TellGameStop Survey, customers can TellGameStop Survey- Win $100 Gift Card  GameStop.com. So here in this article we are going to tell you each and every information about the TellGameStop Customer Satisfaction Survey

Www.TellGameStop.com – TellGameStop

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TellGameStop is a US based company which deals in the electronic products which is spread more than 7000 stores all over in the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. TellGameStop mainly focuses on the sale of the electronic items and Purchaser of the electronic items on an affordable and cheap price so that a lay man can also afford for the products which attracts as many people to but the people. The Headquarter of the TellGameStop is located in Grapevine TX, a suburb of Dallas.

TellGameStop Survey – TellGameStop.com

gamestop survey

The trending game station in the world is “GameStop”. Game lovers must need to visit the Game Stop store once in his/her life to buy a new or old video game. Customers can also find the gaming consoles, gaming accessories and other gaming stuff at a good and convenient price at Gamestop.

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As they are having a huge amount of customers who but their products from the TellGameStop by keeping all this in mind, they started a survey which is known as TellGameStop. GameStop Survey is the good option to get the GameStop Customer feedback for their company. When you complete the survey, then you will get a chance to WIN a GameStop Gift Card Worth $100. Tell Gamestop is a survey which is running online to get the feedback of the customers about their experience at the Gamestop Store.

tellgamestop survey

TellGameStop Customers need to give their 5 minutes to complete the survey, and they get a good experience. The story behind to start the process of survey is to collect the feedback of the customers regarding the experience they had when they visit at the GameStop and they also want to know the needs and wants of the customers, and also they want to know that is any customer is having any complaints or any other suggestion to improve the services of GameStop in a better way.

So, to get to know each and every information regarding the GameStop Survey in a detailed manner, read this complete article, so that it helps you to go through with all the pros and cons and the process to complete the Gamestop Survey band and also helps you to win GameStop Gift Card Worth $100.  On the official website of the TellGameStop customers can check the list of the tellgamestop winners and also tellgamestop winners 2017 of TellGameStop Survey- Win $100 Gift Card

Step by Step process to be a part of  www.TellGameStop.com – TellGameStop Survey

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After making all the requirements to be a part of the TellGameStop Survey, here we are giving you the instruction, These instructions is so simple and easy that every customer can do that. These is no rule for the age restrictions. So everyone will be a part of the tell gamestop customer feedback survey if they have a valid receipt of the TellGameStop or if they have an invitation of the survey. Below we are going to share the step guide of TellGameStop Survey

  • Visit the official website of the TellGameStop:
Gamestop survey receipt

Firstly you need to visit the official website of the TellGameStop at www.TellGameStop.com. When you open this website, you reach the portal of the TellGameStop, and redirected to the welcome page of the survey. The TellGameStop website is so easy and simple that the customers and the visitors of the website will not get in trouble. The official website of TellGameStop Survey gives the option of three languages which is English, French or the Spanish in which the customer need to select the one in which he/she feel free to do the survey.

  • Enter the restaurant number:

Firstly you need to enter the number of TellGameStop in which you visited to buy and the number is written on the receipt. Look at the receipt so that you get to know the number of the restaurant

  • Enter the Survey Code:

Customers can find the receipt of the TellGameStop Survey Code which was written on the receipt of the TellGameStop. Basically, this code is written on the bottom of the receipt and this code consist of 20 digits.

  • Enter the date of visit:

After doing all the above given steps, you can write the time of your visit at TellGameStop. Specify the date & time of your recent visit at the TellGameStop. The website also need you to select the state where the TellGameStop is located in which you have visited recently.

  • Answer the Survey:

After completing all the previous steps, you need to continue the answering simple questions which was given by the TellGameStop. Mostly, all the questions are related to your satisfaction visit at the store. Then you can answer the open question in which they ask you about the reason of why you are satisfied or not satisfied by visiting at the TellGameStop and the service of the TellGameStop. You have to give the honest reply to all the question because your answers matters a lot for the TellGameStop and your answer reflect the experience which you had during your last visit at TellGameStop Outlet.

  • Get the TellGameStop Survey- Win $100 Gift Card:

When you complete the experience question of the TellGameStop at www.TellGameStop.com the tellgamestop give a validation code. This code is a coupon which can be redeem by you at any tellgamestop Store. After this, you need to write this code in your receipt of the tellgamestop. Whenever you visit at the tellgamestop com feedback, you can show them your code of the tellgamestop.com game stop feedback and then you can easily get the TellGameStop Survey- Win $100 Gift Card @GameStop.com.

Prizes for TellGameStop Survey – www TellGameStop com

gamestop products survey gift card
  • Below is the mentioned prize as a reward of this survey:
  • 25 $100 GameStop giftcards every month of the promo period

Rules & Regulations  – TellGameStop

  • No purchase necessary to enter.
  • Need a purchase to enter online.
  • Random winner drawing around the 5th business day of each month.
  • Limited to 1 prize per term.
  • Open to residents of the US, Puerto Rico & District of Columbia.

TellGameStop Survey Troubleshooting and Useful Info:

Sometimes, the tellgamestop com feedback stopped working or sometimes it is not working properly. If this issue is happen with you then you can simply connect with the customer support and ask them to resolve your problem. You can also ask them regarding the privacy policy of GameStop and to know the rules and regulations of the TellGameStop, you can search for the tellgamestop rules.

For any further query regarding the GameStop gift cards, customers can visit at the official website of TellGameStop at www.tellgamestop.com. On this website you can also check for the Game Stop gift card balance and get all the latest updates along with the latest offers of the GameStop.

TellGameStop Survey Requirements & Limitation


Requirements – TellGameStop.com

  • The candidate age must be 18 years or more than that to be a part of the tell GameStop survey
  • The candidate must have his/her personal Computer or Personal Laptop, or the Tablet, mobile or any other device in which he/she can access the internet
  • Candidate must have a proper internet connection along with a good internet speed
  • Candidate must need to have the latest receipt of the Gamestop which contains an invitation of the TellGameStop Survey.

Limitation – TellGameStop

  • There is a limit where the candidate can give only one survey in a week
  • Candidate can’t convert his/her GameStop Gift Card into the cash

What are the Rules and the Rewards of TellGameStop Survey and Sweepstakes?


Are you a frequent customer of the games at GameStop Store? If yes, then there is a good news for you. You can change your receipt into the WIN $100 from the Gamestop. Thinking about how it is possible? To do this, you just only need to use the receipt of yours to be a part of TellGameStop. Later this, you will get a golden chance to be a part of the GameStop Sweepstakes.

Before you get into the GameStop Survey, you must need to have the knowledge of the rules of the TellGameStop survey. You can also go through with all the rules of TellGameStop by simply visiting the official website of the TellGameStop at www.TellGameStop.com. Even you can check the rules on the survey portal of that but here in this below section, we have given the rules and it’s really easy to understand. So check out this process to get to know all the details about the GameStop Survey rules.

  • Survey Rules:

Firstly you need to take the part in the TellGameStop within the three days after the purchasing of anything form the Game Stop Store. If you enter in the GameStop survey, then you are no longer be a part of the survey. So make sure if you want to be part of the survey, then you must need to enter within the three days. You must need to use the compatible Brower to access the tellgamestop.com. This Game Stop Survey Website in only works in the latest and updates versions of the Firefox, Chrome, Android or Safari for the iOS users. If you are using internet explorer then it must have the version 8 or more than that.

  • TellGameStop sweepstakes rules:

TellGameStop Survey does not tell about the minimum age to be a part of the gamestop tell city but according to the every survey, the minimum age required of the survey is 18 years. If the candidate is below 18 years, then he/she have to ask their parents to be a part of the survey on the behalf of their parents. Then, the TellGameStop sweepstakes is available for all the people who is having the proper resident of the fifty states in the United State of America. All the employee of the GameStop and their family are not able to be a part of the TellGameStop Survey.

  • GameStop rewards:

GameStop provides the attractive rewards to the Sweepstake’s winner. Every month, Gamestop store gives 25 gift card to their customers. The value of every gift card is $100 but GameStop provide only a single gift for a single person or the household/month. The customers are not able to transfer the gift card to any other person and winner can’t be able to redeem the gift card for the cash. Customers can only use the TellGameStop Survey- Win $100 Gift Card @GameStop.com for the purchasing of any product at the GameStop store. Winners are responsible all the cost and the taxes of this reward.

Contact GameStop

  • TellGameStop.com Sweepstakes Winner List Request or the tellgamestop survey winners, PO Box 25466, Rochester, NY 14625
  • Phone: 1 (800) 883-8895

The customer support will be active on 7 days a week 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CST).

How to Participate in the www.Tellgamestop.com Web Survey? – Video Tutorial


TellGameStop like to have your feedback by using www.TellGameStop.com because they know the importance and the value of the replies of their honest customers. The Customers feedback and reply helps a company or a business to develop their-self and helps them to provide a complete satisfactory service to their customers.

Customers can visit the official website of the TellGameStop at www.TellGameStop.com to get a chance to win TellGameStop Survey- Win $100 Gift Card Prize @GameStop.com and help the store to get their services better. Visit www.TellGameStop.com before visiting the Customer Satisfaction Survey by TellGameStop to Win $100 Gift Card Prize.